Design & Code Vlog (Episode #2) | Today, I will be building illustrator and animator, MySweetChubs’s, art portfolio website.
From moodboarding, to Figma wireframing, and finally to code, follow along as we use her illustrations as inspiration.

Check out Figma to start designing:

(EDIT 8/31/21 – The website is down temporarily, but will be up shortly! For now, visit this link!

Learn more about how and why I became a front-end software engineer and designer as you design and code with me! Don’t forget to watch till the end to see the final results!

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???? Check out @MysweetChub’s website here & follow/support her art!
↳ art portfolio website:
↳ mysweetchubs instagram:
↳ mysweetchubs etsy shop:

???? Check out Taskade’s Ultimate Design System Checklist to start moodboarding and designing:

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Keyboard used in this video:
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┄┄┄ Timestamps ┄┄┄
0:00 Intro ????????
0:30 Brainstorming & Collaboration
1:54 Ultimate Design System Checklist (
2:40 Moodboarding (Figma, Taskade, Calligraphr)
4:15 Wireframing Website Design (Figma, GoodNotes)
5:45 My Design Principles (
6:29 How & Why I Became A Frontend Engineer & Designer
7:58 MySweetChubs Art Portfolio Website Reveal ???? (
8:52 Animated End Credits

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┄┄┄ Music Featured ┄┄┄
↳ Lofi Lia // Knuckles’ Chaotix – Door Into Summer (
↳ Lofi Lia // On The Beach (

┄┄┄ About Maisy Leigh ┄┄┄
Hi! I’m Maisy, and I’m sharing my story of how I live a cozy lifestyle, find peace, and create new things. I’m a visionary, frontend engineer and designer – and I love ideating solutions that facilitate people’s everyday lives, sketching them out and bringing them to life.

I’ve embarked my content creating journey to share my story, as I navigate life. I love being able to share my creativity through this platform.

I love composing my own songs on the piano, gardening, playing video games, drinking matcha and coffee, archery, hiking, interior designing, ideating & wire framing app ideas, graphic design, and engineering.

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