This is an open access book. This conference will discuss transformation issues in various fields along with the COVID-19 crisis in the world. During these two years of this pandemic, the world faced many significant changes. These changes have impacted various aspects of life, not only on a small scale in people’s everyday life, but also on a large scale that changes the social structure of society in the global world. The keywords in this transformation are adaptation, resilience, and innovation. Each party involved in the change is required to make adjustments so as not to be left behind. The important aspect is to what extent these parties come up with new findings to survive amid the pace of this rapid global transformation. By focusing on transformation issues, this conference will bring scholars, practicioners and policy makers from various disciplines to discuss changes in various fields of life during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the future. This conference is also expected to be a medium for disseminating research findings related to issues of change in various fields including but not limited to social, economic, cultural, educational, political and government, gender, environment, religion, communication, and international relations.

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