This is an open access book. The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Muhammadiyah North Sumatra (FISIP UMSU) initiated and held a International Conference under the name International Conference On Communication, Policy And Social Science (INCCLUSI) 2022 on February 22, 2022 with thema “Collaboration of Government, Civil Society and Digital Communication for Sustainable Development Goals”. Deliberately this conference took the topic in order to bring the carriage of social science and political science to jointly take an important role in the achievement of the goals of the “Sustainable Development Goals” which are currently the development framework of countries in the world replacing the Millennium Development Goals or MDGs, especially in Indonesia. The physical form of the results of this national conference are actual and interesting scientific records that are poured in the form of Proceedings or paper gatherings that are expected to provide the widest benefits to various circles as a positive contribution of presenters in this activity.

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