In spring 2016, Sohrab Hura traveled the lower Mississippi with Postcards from America, a loosely collaborative documentary project conceived in 2011 by Alec Soth and Jim Goldberg and funded by Pier 24 Photography. Hura’s trip down the levees had been shortly preceded by his father’s journey on the river itself, on a commercial ship navigating up to New Orleans from the Gulf of Mexico. The work that resulted, The Levee, embodies the artist’s impressions of place through the prism of his relationship with his father. The first museum exhibition dedicated to Hura’s work, The Levee: A Photographer in the American South (October 5, 2019-February 2, 2020) celebrates the Cincinnati Art Museum’s acquisition of the complete eighty-three-picture suite.Co-published with Candor Arts and enabled in part by the support of Peter and Betsy Niehoff, The Levee: A Photographer in the American South includes original scholarship by exhibition curator Nathaniel M. Stein and contributions from photographers Jim Goldberg, An-My Lê, Alec Soth, and Mikhael Subotzky and writer Chris Klatell. It is the first major publication about Sohrab Hura and one of few to document the history of Postcards from America.

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