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Build your WordPress theme from scratch | Themes Generator

A complete course to learn to construct your WordPress theme on your own using Styles Generator. Within this course become familiar with how you can:

? Create a WordPress theme utilizing a drag interface

? Add classes and elegance multiple elements

? Build different sections like About us or Services

? Give a background image having a parallax effect

?Export your theme into WordPress

Visually create your own WordPress theme without writing just one type of code with this particular WordPress theme development tutorial 2018.

This tutorial will highlight how you can make your WordPress theme step-by-step. For those who have already viewed and you have to see a specific step, here are a few shortcuts:

?Build a header 1:38

?Add a picture 4:48

?Add a navigation menu 6:03

?Design quite the hero image 10:08

?Add experience image 11:13

?Add text blocks and elegance them 13:13

?Create a control button 16:52

?Build About us section using Percent width boxes 22:47

?Create experience image having a parallax effect 36:12

?Build a Services section with Percent width boxes 39:52

?Create a Footer 51:15

?How to link buttons, images and social networking icons 59:04

?Export theme into WordPress 1:01:00

? Styles Generator is really a free web application tool that anybody may use. Visit https://themesgenerator.com and begin building amazing styles.


?Introduction to Styles Generator (10:08) https://youtu.be/DdlfLd5UDM0

?Creating a WordPress theme in fifteen minutes (15:26) https://youtu.be/uPRQs8EqJ1o

?Build your WordPress theme on your own (1:09:44) https://youtu.be/H_nMdCr6WUY


Documentation: https://themesgenerator.com/documentation/

Support: https://themesgenerator.proboards.com

Purchase Premium account: https://responsive-muse.com/product/styles-generator/

Read publish: https://responsive-muse.com/2018/11/21/create-wordpress-theme-scratch-free/

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