Top-flight leaders aren’t born. They learn by bad example. Poor leadership habits spawn new generations of poor leaders. Or they create enough discomfort that the leader figures out how to do it right. That has been the experience of author Hans Finzel and many others. In this leadership classic Hans describes the ten most common leadership faux pas: and • The top-down attitude and • Dirty delegation and • Putting paperwork before peoplework and • Communication chaos and • The absence of affirmation and • Missing the culture clues and • No room for mavericks and • Success without successors and • Dictatorship in decision-making and • Failure to focus on the future “Solid concepts. Great quotes. Good stories. Hans Finzel has combined sophisticated leadership theory with practical principles to teach us how to lead. Read this book today and become a better leader tomorrow.” Leith Anderson, Pastor, Wooddale Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota “This is one of the most practical books on leadership I have in my own library. If you are serious about becoming a better leader, you will want to read this book.” John C. Maxwell, Author, Speaker, and Founder The INJOY Group “Hans’ book is a leader’s mirror. . . you’ll see yourself in previously unrevealed ways and learn what it takes to ‘get presentable’ for effective leadership for His glory.” Joseph M. Stowell, President, Moody Bible Institute

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