Building an internet site with Joomla 3.8: This can be a step-by-step tutorial regarding how to create or design a responsive business website using Joomla 3.8

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1. XAMPP Server:

2. JOOMLA 3.8:

3. Template:

4. SlideShow Module:

5. Free Photos (i). (ii).

6. Gallery Module:

7.Arrow file:

8.PNG file:

9.Website Files:

10. Database:

11. Admin Password:

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Step One. Installing and installing XAMPP Server in Home windows 10

Step Two. Installing and installing JOOMLA 3.8 in XAMPP Server

Step Three. Installing a Joomla 3 TEMPLATE and hang it as being default

Step Four. Replacing the emblem that included web site

Step Five. Composing articles and menus for the webpages

Step Six. Installing and configuring the slideshow module

Step 7. Focusing on the house page layout [Module Positions] (i)

Step 8. Installing and configuring gallery module

Step 9. Focusing on the house page layout [Module Positions] (ii)

Step10. Focusing on your blog page

Step 11. How you can help you save Joomla site and database ready for upload to some live server.



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