Methodologies to plan, budget, organize, and manage web design and redesign projects from start to finish. Gets at the business approach to Web design! Intuitive organization will make it easy for readers to find the material they need. Written with the designer in mind. Most companies redesign and re-launch their Web sites every 6 to 12 months. The business of Website design, therefore, is one of constant change and change management. Web (Re)Design provides a framework from which to tackle the all-important planning, budgeting, organization, and management of a project from conceptualization to launch. And then the maintenance and change-management issues that inevitably follow. The book follows a road tested experiential methodology to expose the critical steps to planning, budgeting, organizing, and managing a Web design or redesign project from conceptualization through launch. The authors use a sound pedagogical style that is appealing; easy to access; and full of forms, checklists, and worksheets to assist readers in working through their own projects. The page design will allow for easy browsing of material. Kelly Goto is the creative director for the San Francisco office of Idea Integration (a Web design firm). Some of her projects include developing the redesign strategy for such sites as,,, and Genentech. Kelly is a frequent lecturer on Web development, information design, and web usability. New Riders is such a big fan of Kelly’s work that they are working with Kelly’s company to redesign Emily Cotler is a graphic designer, Web designer, product manager, site producer, journalist, and author. As a regular contributor to Publish, Emily is known for her accessible style and her ability to highlight the key information.

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