Scarred and Healed

Scarred and Healed is a collection of poetry and prose dealing with diverse themes such as emotionally abusive relationships, life blunders, loss, mistaken love and femininity. Though the book is divided into six chapters in a specific order, it flicks back and forth – from the past to present and present to the past. Despite the sequence of the chapters, the contents do not necessarily follow a specific arrangement. Sometimes themes from the previous chapter merge into the present one, providing a perfect reflection of the writer’s state of mind when this book was written. Scarred and Healed is the journey of feeling the pain, understanding the sorrow, learning from the experience and empowering oneself to be much stronger than earlier. “You may be in a really bad place right now. It may feel like you were never born without that thing knifing your soul. But trust me, it can all remedy if you are just willing to take my hand right here.” – Benazir Mungloo.

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